What is Faith?

My dear readers, I have been KNEE DEEP in a major project and haven’t had much time to write. I apologize for that and will commit to writing at least once per week. Yesterday I went to church, and while at church the minister gave a message about faith. I was always raised to believe:

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things now seen.”

Now I don’t attend a worship service every Sunday, but right now in my life I practice my faith more than I ever have. In other words, I truly trust that God will take care of me and my family and I leave most things in God’s hands. Whether the matters are financial, emotional or spiritual, I have conversations with God and after the conversation I let it go.

The minister talked about how his wife was hospitalized and he was so distraught that his son had to pray for him. After the prayer, he felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and when someone asked him to call the nurse to check on his wife’s condition, he picked up the phone and then rather than calling, he hung up and stepped back and said, “She’s alright.” The minister told us we don’t have to check up on God… allow God the space and opportunity to do his work.

What is faith to you? How do you practice your faith?

6 thoughts on “What is Faith?

  1. I believe that at this time in my life, I have been shown what “faith” really is. I am a recovering control freak, and it turns out that when I see that a situation is not going my way, I have fits! These fits range from cursing people out to giving the silent treatment. Well, when I actually heard and felt the Holy Spirit say to me to “be still and quiet” it floored me. What do you mean? I have to have the last say, i don’t want others to think they won, I cant do it. Well, the more I “bucked the system” the worse it got. Until someone said to me where is your faith, you God can do all why don’t you trust him in “this situation” and it hit me. What is faith and do I have it? So many times we grow up in church and we attend, but we do not take “church” to heart. I also am learning that everyone has a different spiritual journey and just because they are not doing what I think they should be doing, does not make it wrong. I love God. ——– Keep it up, this word is spreading, and it will reach someone that will really seek God and it is all because of your little queston that deserves a big answer.

  2. ELLE! Thank you for such an honest and open response. Like you, I grew up in church and my family is very religious but there is a difference between practicing religion and living spiritually. The key like you said is what is in the heart. Our actions and reactions are sometimes “smoke signals” for the real issue – a bruised ego, insecurity, anxiety, pain, etc. but as the bible says, God knows our heart. I’m on a spiritual journey like you wouldn’t believe and have to rely on God now more than ever.

  3. Love this post as I am on a new spiritual journey. The biggest thing that I am learning about practicing my faith is different ways to worship. God is not in a box and for so many years that is where I put him or assumed he was. Worship is being a good wife, doing my job with excellence, smiling at a frowning stranger, etc. I can also practice my faith by attending church, giving, reading my Bible. I guess what I am getting at is that religion has to be real, not matter what faith you practice and profess. Sharing love with humanity is how I practice my faith and it has made all of the difference. And the amazing thing is God shows up and shows out in the most brilliant and mysterious ways when I let go and truly Let God 🙂

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