Oh *%#* It’s Valentine’s Day…

The best cards have already been picked through… all of the good restaurants are no longer accepting dinner reservations or your check doesn’t come until next week? Here are some creative ideas to show your love on “PDA is Okay” day, next Monday, February 14th.


1. Write a list of 10, 20 or 100 reasons why I love you. You can get  really creative it an make it her age, or the number of years you’ve  been together.

Extra Credit: Put it in a nice frame.

2.  Take your favorite photo of the two of you together and frame it. 4 x 6 of 5 x 7 is the perfect size for her desk at work or for a bookshelf   at home.

Extra Credit: Write a note or a heartfelt paragraph on the back.

3. Gift certificate for self-care. Get her a massage, a manicure and/or pedicure. Call her hair lady & pay for her next two appointments.

Extra Credit: Drop off a special letter, card or gift the day before or the morning of her appointment from you for an extra special surprise.

4. Take her to lunch on her lunch break at work – unannounced. Text her 20 minutes or so before and let her know you’re coming by or picking her up. Only do this if she has the freedom to leave for lunch and doesn’t get wrapped up in meetings.

Extra credit: Make the meal or bring her favorite take-out.



1. Buy him a big bottle of his favorite alcohol. Large warehouse stores like Costco or Samsclub have supersized bottles for reasonable prices.

Extra Credit: Buy him his own special mug, or glass with a humorous message or some other sentimental (read “no flowers or hearts”) message.

2. Feed his habit. If he’s a collector, buy something to add to his collection. If he’s a gamer, buy him a new game or a gift card to a game shop. Whatever your man “does,” contribute to the habit, no questions asked.

Extra Credit: If it’s something he’s been talking about for a while.

3. Get him a Netflix Account. He can watch movies instantly on his laptop. He can rent whatever his little heart desires. If you don’t have one already, he’ll love you forever for this.

Extra Credit: Buy him a new TV or surround sound system.

4. Hire a maid. Guys that like to clean are truly freaks of nature. Now notice I didn’t say guys who know how to clean.

Extra Credit: Be the maid yourself. Write or type up a little certificate. Clean up before he gets home or while he goes out with the guys or to the gym. Buy a french maid uniform and then… well you know where this is going.



1. Love or service coupons. These can be picked up at adult    entertainment stores or you can make your own. If you never  cook dinner, through one of those in. Whatever the case, make  sure they take you out of your comfort zone.

2. Edible Arrangements. Get your mind OUT of the gutter! There is a company that sales fruit that are arranged like bouquets & they deliver. Not your typical fruit basket. http://www.ediblearrangements.com/Default.aspx

3. Hire a chef to prepare a meal at home. Light some candles, extra points if you can get a musician to come and sing for a bit (but the iPod is always a good back up). Contact a local culinary school, or look up “chef” online to see what you can get.

4. Mail a letter. Use your mom’s address or work address and write your partner a deep/passionate love letter. Be sure that he/she checks the mail. You get lots of extra credit points if you live together because they’ll NEVER expect it AND they’ll be happy to receive something besides a freaking bill. Mail across the US takes about 3 days. Mail within one city generally takes one day.


Any of these gifts can be converted into birthday or anniversary gifts. The point is, they can be done at the last minute and remember, don’t wait until the holidays to show your love!


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