Dear Apple…

Apple has finally began the process for shipping the I Phone 4 to Verizon (my network). When the iPhone first came out, I was a devoted user. Waiting in 4+ long hour lines on the release date, converting all of my non-Mac friends – I was a devoted follower.

Until ATT came in and ruined our relationship with overbilling and horrible customer service. I had to jump ship.

I loved the iPhone because it synced with my Mac – specially the contacts and the calendar. Fast forward a few years and I finally came across a phone that not only rivaled the iPhone but beat it! My Samsung Fascinate! It looks like the iPhone, acts like the iPhone but has an unlimited Data Plan (take THAT AT&T). It has a wonderful camera with flash, can video-record up to 10 minutes and can be used as a hotspot for my laptop.

So although you’re finally following through on your promise to open up the iPhone to other networks, your timing is horrible because I’ve found a new operating system to love.

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