Operation… Eliminate Clutter

We’re supposed to have the snow storm of the decade tomorrow here in the Windy City! We’re supposed to be getting between 12 – 26 inches! So while you’re snowed in and catching some extra zzzzz’s, consider cleaning out some of your clutter.

“Clutter is a sign that decisions need to be made.” – Yours Truly

Clutter is often a physical manifestation of indecision, confusion, disillusionment or “funk.” Go attack those piles and clean out that drawer. Move past whatever it is that has allowed your physical space to get out of control. It may be as simple as not having (or making 😉 the time to clean or it may be a larger issue (perhaps you’re still grieving over the loss of a loved one or a failed relationship).

Here is a picture for inspiration:

If we have a snow-day… and I pray that we do… I will be cleaning out my home office & SCRAPBOOKING!

If you will be joining me in this 24 hour challenge, PLEASE take a quick before & after picture and e-mail it to me with your name & city and I’ll post them up later this week.

For more information about my challenge, go here: http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6c52e02e78fd45cc862fd0db7&id=2f0e5afc56&e=[UNIQID].

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