27 Things Before 27 – Check In…

Here is the final list of my 27 Things before 27 list. If it’s in bold, that means it’s done!
Bold means it’s done!
  1. See a waterfall in person
  2. Get all scrapbook pages into matching albums.
  3. Travel once in the US & once out of the US.
  4. Visit the Sanrio store & purchase something pretty.
  5. Old school drive-in w/ the fam
  6. Lose “chunky monkey” fat
  7. Start writing for a major magazine or website
  8. Get cute summer clothes (needs lots of dresses)
  9. Take a scrapbooking class (Library of Memories?)
  10. Build business up to 1 client per week ($100.00 projects)
  11. Bake some rolls from scratch
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Learn how to make cheesecake
  14. Change last name back officially
  15. Purchase a nice handbag
  16. Start mentoring w/ Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  17. Create High School Senior Survival Pack (for download from the site)
  18. Continue decorating home (finish the dining room & the patio)
  19. Update blog weekly
  20. Read one book per month (it would be more BUT I read along with my students)
  21. Go rollerskating
  22. Dye my hair (for the 1st time EVER
  23. Create DJ database
  24. Attend a buddhist retreat/meditation session
  25. Get new eyeglasses
  26. Help Rhymefest’s “El Che” become the most successful project it can possibly be.
  27. Donate/volunteer at least once per season


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You accomplished so much! You go girl 🙂

  2. I love that you want to go rollerskating. It reminds me of how much I loved it as a kid.

  3. ogonnaya says:

    hey girl!!

    im coming to chicago for my birthday….lets go to meditation!!!


    1. Let’s do it! When is your birthday?

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