Happy New Decade!!!

Each year I set new goals. Partly because of tradition and partly because of a deep desire to make positive change. This year is no different. As you are thinking about the end of an era in your life think about those things which will die… that you are letting go of and think about what a “new season” means in your life. 2011 is not just another year, it’s a new decade. For me 2000-2010 was a decade of discovery. I graduated from High School & college, both started and got rid of my locks, let go of a poisonous bff (who I’d known since pre-school), made a poor choice in terms of a life partner, scrapped that and truly found & committed myself forever (all bets aside, no crosses count) to my soul mate & life partner. I discovered the true meaning of love, the true definition of womanhood and the authentic characteristics of a friend. In short, I discovered me.

2011 – 2019 will be a decade of building structures. I plan to have a baby. I plan to transition out of the classroom & start my own business & truly establish myself as a writer. I plan to travel all around the world with my significant other and continue my work as a cultural anthropologist (scrapbooker). The foundation was laid in the previous decade. Now it’s time to start building. When my children and grandchildren  think about my sweetie & I, I’d like for them to say that we changed the world & made a significant contribution to the history of black America while still maintaining integrity and leaving them with not only financial fruit but a powerful network & large footprints to not only step into but to walk forward in.

Here are my resolutions for 2011…

1.Work out 1 hour per day for at least 3 days per week. (Guys, I really have no excuse! I own a treadmill in my home, some free weights, a hula hoop and a jump rope).

2. Have a professional photo shoot (after I lose weight of course).

3. Take one trip outside of the country (it’s looking like it will be Africa).

4. Take one trip inside of the country (perhaps the Grand Canyon, or I really want to go to the Texas State Fair)

5. Spend weekly time with friends (alternating between a phone conference and in person).

6. Save 10 – 15% of each check (permanently).

7. Schedule one day per month for scrapbooking at the Archivers (the best scrapbooking store in the world).

8. Drink 1 glass of water per day.

9. Journal at least once per week and send a letter once per week.

10. Submit writing to be published once per month.

11. Take a baking or cooking class.


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