Don’t Fight In Public!

So apparently Talib Kweli and his wife DJ Eque had a public fight that involved smashed glasses and being kicked out of a club. While my partner and I disagree sometimes we NEVER EVER fight in public and here is why:

1. An audience is like lighter fluid to a heated situation. You will definitely say/do things you wouldn’t normally do.

2. It’s an open invitation for others to get into your mix. Both those who mean well and those who don’t.

3. You never know WHO is watching. Depending on where you are, it could get back to your family, friends or coworkers and you’ll have to deal with the embarrassment and regret.

4. You can’t take your words/behavior back, and something about there being “witnesses” amplifies hurt feelings.

If you must beef with your partner, excuse yourselves from the public view. Go to a private room, avoid screaming and at all costs avoid getting physical. 90% of the time you’ll regret it later. One of the beautiful things about love and a healthy relationship is that we must maintain self-control and if you know that you can’t communicate openly, respectfully and amicably then you have an even bigger issue.

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