Huge Announcement…

Soooo…. remember that HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT that I promised you guys last week?

Drum roll please…

I will now be writing for! I will have a weekly post over there and my first one was published today. It is called “Dating Malpractice: Is Your Vision Failing You?” Here is an excerpt:

Some of us need to sue our friends, family and “relationship” experts for malpractice. They have prescribed the wrong lens on our vision of what we are entitled to and what we “deserve.” They have told us to make a list of “the perfect man,” have run off perfectly good choices for partners and our heads have been so filled up with compliments that we have literally lost our minds.

When looking at the dating pool, we must be a bit more realistic and open-minded about who we do and do not date… Read the rest here:

I need you to do two things for me… (1) click on the link & (2) leave a comment. Please? Even if you can’t read it, just click it so that I can at least have your “hit.” Am I that desperate? Yes!!! I am!!!!

*Throws Confetti*

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