How To Travel In Style

I’m blogging from the airport in Tennessee right now and thought it was appropriate to write this post. Shout out to the Knoxville, Tennessee airport that has free wifi!

CAPTION: LC rocks the large scarf and oversized bag.

The Night Before Your Flight

  1. Charge all electronics (phone, laptop, MP3 and camera)
  2. Check In online & print Your travel documents
  3. Check the weather at your destination
  4. Pack Your Bags
    1. Roll don’t fold your clothes. It makes more room.
    2. Shoes take up a lot of space. Build your outfits around your shoes.
    3. Color coordinate your separates – go crazy with accessories.
    4. Use a passport holder or small wallet to carry your essentials.
  5. Review your itinerary.
    1. What are you doing/when?

CAPTION: Bey looks flawless in her all black. Sleek and sexy!!! The different shades of black also work very well and peep the “studs” on the shoes with the silver toe.

What Should you Pack?

–       Think layers (white tee, camisole, cardigan, etc.)

–       Black blazer. Can be dressed up or down & is ready to go when you land.

–       Consider a black palette. Black is flattering and can be dressed up or down.

–       Oversized shades (sunglasses are a must!)

–       Petite perfume roll-on (anything larger than 3 oz. cannot be carried on to the plane)

–       Petite makeup brushes (great to have to save space).

–       Maxi Dress (can easily be styled with a cute cardigan, vest, or belt).

–       Think about fabrics that don’t easily wrinkle like jersey.

CAPTION: A beautiful jacket is all you need to dress up denim, plus the sunglasses. HOT!

The Day Of Your Flight

  1. Leave in enough time to get through airport security. Try to avoid checking baggage if you have a short flight. You’ll save money & force yourself to “edit” your outfits.
  2. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on & off (e.g. avoid excessive lacing).
  3. Noise canceling headphones (to drown out the loud sound of the plane).
  4. Consider an eye mask (for long flights).
  5. Carry a large bag – to hold all of your essentials, entertainment plus a clutch inside.
  6. Wear a large scarf or wrap. This functions as a shawl, blanket, or pillow). Plus a scarf makes you look pulled together.
  7. Let someone know where you’re going and when (especially if you’re single).

CAPTION: Another fierce oversized scarf and large bag. Don’t forget the shades!


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