Reverb 10: Let Go – Day 5 of 31

Day 5 Prompt – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I didn’t really let anyone go this year. Most of the people I needed to get rid of were let go in 2009, but I did let go of the following:

MY HAIR – My locs are gone… It was time to evolve & change so I let them go.

MY IDEALISM – I matured a lot this year. There were several experiences that let me see the best and the worst in people and because of it I have a much more realistic outlook on people. Prior to this year, it was easy for me to be taken advantage of and walked over but now I’m a bit more assertive, a lot more outspoken and a lot less naive.

MY GUILT – Prior to this year, I had a hard time “saying no.” This year I spent a lot of time shedding the guilt that others would cause me for not doing what they wanted me to do. Now, if something does not fit in with my goals/plans, I turn it down and “keep it moving.”

So this year I let go of my younger self. In life, I feel like we’re always shifting gears and shooting to new heights. This year, I definitely exited one atmosphere and entered another and the shell of my old self fell back to earth.

Join #Reverb10 An online community that allows you to reflect on 2010 and manifest what you want for 2011.

BY THE WAY (By The Way) Rosetta has an amazing challenge on her PHENOMENAL BLOG (Happy Black Woman) called 31 Days To Reset Your Life. Here is a link to her blog: I’m participating in her challenge privately (using a good ol’ analog girl notebook) but encourage you to take part too. 

8 thoughts on “Reverb 10: Let Go – Day 5 of 31

  1. I hope you mean you’re still idealistic at heart, just more careful with boundaries 🙂 Love love love the power and certainty in your post – amen to shedding guilt! Something really freeing about the locks ay, I cut off 8 inches this year too. Thanks for sharing. Tia #reverb10 crusader

  2. I initially wasn’t going to sign up for the reverb challenge… however, I need to do some serious reflection on what went well this year and what changes I need to make for next year. I am feeling so apathetic about this school year that it’s not even funny! My lesson planning has become a joke and my procrastination is in full force. I look to you as a teacher to emulate–any advice, dear friend in my head? haha! Hopefully, the time off during the holidays will help.

    1. @Sis I hear you on that apathy. I’m in Year 5 too and it’s killing me. I have a stack of papers about a mountain high to grade. I’m looking forward to the holidays to catch up too. We need to do some e-planning lol! Sending lots of love and motivation your way.

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