No Pain, No Gain!

I returned to the gym this past Monday and two days later my thighs are on fire! While we worked out the entire body in my group fitness class and I thought that my upper body was particularly weak, I realize now that I was sadly mistaken! Perhaps I overextended myself. Or it is my body punishing me for ignoring its maintenance for so long. Either way. I’m walking around stepping like a horse in horseshoes in PAIN! With pain comes lessons.

#1 To prioritize means to value some things over others. I can only do one thing at once. I can only be one place at a time. My family and my home life are the most important things to me and they are always going to be number one on my list of priorities. It’s painful to turn some things and some people down, but the reality is that I can only do so much. For example, recently I turned down a club sponsorship at work. Not because I did not want to, but because it did not fit in realistically with my schedule and list of priorities.

#2 You can’t build muscle without first experiencing pain. There is an old quote that says “anything worth having does not come easy.” Because the gym and I have an on again, off again relationship, I’ve realized that in the beginning, when my muscles are getting used to being active again, it is incredibly painful. Then after a while, they start to become sculpted and it no longer hurts. Tasks that were once tedious become easier and my energy level goes up. Muscles have to go through a sort of initiation period before you can start seeing results. Similarly, when it comes to life experiences you sometimes have to experience pain to get to pleasure. To get your prince, you have to kiss a few frogs. Pain and pleasure are like yin and yang, intimately connected

P.S. I found my long-lost iPhone/iPod touch, so I’m working on my gym playlists!

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