More Diversity on Magazine Covers!

To be an activist is to advocate for change. Coco & Cream is sponsoring a campaign to send an e-mail to the editor’s in chief of several major magazines in order to encourage them too add more diversity to their covers (beyond Beyonce, Halle & Rihanna). Here is a copy of the letter (be sure to plug in your details before sending) and the e-mail distribution list. There is strength in numbers and black women should be seen in all of our beauty! It took me about 15 minutes to do this.

Now write in to the editors of your favorite magazines and tell them! They read emails from their readers and take them to heart, trust us. Here are the email addresses of the main gatekeepers at some of the major fashion magazines. Copy and paste the email below (or use it as a template and add your personal touch). Don’t forget to write in the name of the magazine, the name of your favorite Black female cover-worthy celeb and your personal info at the end. Let’s spread the word!

Subject: Important Reader Request – More Diversity on Covers

Dear Editor,

As an avid reader of __________ magazine and an African American woman, I have long been a fan of the trends, shopping and styling tips, spreads, designers, and merchandise that you feature and I would love to continue supporting your magazine. I have one request: Support us back. I ask that you feature more celebrities of color on your covers. When you put them on your covers, you tell us (your Black readers) that we matter as readers and that you acknowledge and value us. You tell your other readers (of different shades and backgrounds) that we, Black women, matter and are worth noting. Depict us in ways that represent our multifacetedness. I would love to see someone as talented and beautiful as __________ grace your cover. We are more than Rihanna, Beyoncé and Halle. We are more than the lone cover on the overcrowded newsstand. We are more. We deserve more.

Your loyal reader,

Your Name, City, State, Age

The Masthead (Source:

Allure, Editor-In-Chief, Linda Wells,

CosmoGirl, Editor-In-Chief, Susan Schulz,

Cosmopolitan, Editor-In-Chief, Kate White, or

Elle, Editor-In-Chief, Roberta Myers,

Glamour, Editor-In-Chief, Cynthia Leive,

Harper’s Bazaar, Editor-In-Chief, Glenda Bailey,

InStyle, Managing Editor, Ariel Foxman,

Lucky, Editor-In-Chief, Kim France,

Marie Claire, Editor-In-Chief, Joanna Coles,

Nylon, Editor-In-Chief, Marvin Scott Jarrett,

People StyleWatch, Editor in Chief, Susan Kaufman, or

Teen Vogue, Editor-In-Chief, Amy Astley,

Vanity Fair, Editor, Graydon Carter,

Vogue, Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour,

W, Editorial Director, Patrick McCarthy,

– Audra E. Lord

Here is a link:

Please copy & paste and encourage others to do the same!

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