Who Is Renting (or Owning) Space In Your Heart?

I like Bilal’s music. His new album “Airtight’s Revenge” dropped today. He reminds me of Prince. While listening to the album I came across the following lines and had to rewind them because they were so good:

“I thought that we was gonna be forever/ like King & Coretta I thought that we could change the world/ but I needed air/I stepped out on the balcony & the world took me out…”

I like these lyrics because I believe that when in a relationship with someone, it should be bigger than the relationship. I’ve always been attracted to pseudo revolutionary/black nationalist types. Some on the extreme side (I was once with a member of the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths) and other less nostalgic revolutionaries. So that line about “changing the world” like King & Coretta spoke to me. That’s what I’m on… let’s change each other and change the world together!

The only ex that I feel that strongly about is my first love (but hello, who doesn’t feel that way about their first love)? The song goes on to talk about how he’ll always have a special place in his heart for her & he’ll protect that place. For me it’s not so much the person that I think about, as it is the memories created with that person. Sometimes those memories are triggered by songs (two songs come to mind Lil Wayne’s “Tha Block Is Hot” Album & Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be”). There is no desire in my heart to be with this person now because I am very happy but the fact that I still remember things does mean that he left a forever impression.

Oddly enough, he shares the same zodiac sign as my significant other now, and they are the only two Cancers that I’ve ever dated and the two men that I’ve loved the most.

Who has left an impression on your heart and why? What is it about first loves that causes their names and the memories to be engaged on our hearts & minds? Who has a “special place” in your heart forever? Are you happy to allow this person to occupy that space or is it time to give an eviction notice?

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