Google Reader

Google rocks my world in so many ways! About a month ago I signed up for Google Reader (a free service with your google account). It allows you to subscribe to all of your favorite blogs/websites that have updates and you can scroll the screen vertically in order to read all of the stories. It automatically keeps track of those you’ve read and those you haven’t read.

Google Reader helps me save time because I don’t have to visit a million websites to get all of the updates.

Google Reader ensure that I at least take a peak at everything and it’s very easy to skip over things that don’t interest me or that I don’t want to actually read.

As busy as I get I know that I won’t miss anything because Google Reader is keeping tabs for me. It’s like having a DVR for your e-life. Here is a screenshot from my google reader…

Here are the sites that I’m subscribing to (you can subscribe to as few or as many sites as you’d like):

1. A Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss

2. Ali Edwards

3. Analog Girl (I’d be crazy to not subscribe to my own site lol)

4. A Belle in BK

5. Blogger for Hire

6. Clutch Magazine

7. Fitness Health Zone

8. for colored gurls

9. Quote Book

10. Huff English

11. Jim Burke

12. Made By Girl

13. Organizing Your Way

14. Lifehack

15. The Fashion Bomb Daily

16. The Vyne

17. Very Smart Brothas

18. Zen Habits

What are you waiting for? Go grab all of your favorite links, put them in and watch google work it’s magic!

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