What Type of Treatment Are You Inviting?

From @JBeckham7 – You are treated how you act.. Wanna be treated like a lady… Act like one.. #latenighttweet.. Smh

We can all act like clothing and appearance doesn’t matter. In a perfect world – it wouldn’t. But it does, and based on how you dress and speak, people make judgments about you (just like you make judgments about others). You expect attorneys to dress a certain way – usually suited and booted, and teachers aren’t supposed to show cleavage and usually have a collection of cardigans. Every job has a uniform. If you dress like this:

Too tight, super short & revealing… then most people will mistake you at worst for (A) a prostitute or at best (B) low class… (class in my mind has very little to do with income and more about attitude) Add being photographed in any of the outfits above and most people will make negative assumptions about you (no matter how false or wrong those assumptions are). There is a huge difference between tacky and tasteful!

Michelle O. is the epitome of class, style & grace… she often shows her legs and her arms and she’s beautiful but also tasteful. So the next time you step out of the house, don’t get mad if a man treats you how he sees you! As the young man from Twitter says, “if you want to be treated like a lady… act like one!”

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