The Perfect Manicure

For the most part I’m an advocate of “au naturale.” I only wear makeup when I go out. On a day-to-day basis, I wear lip gloss (in a nude or clear color), and a little powder on my eyebrows, so it only makes sense that I wear my natural nails. My only problem with total natural nails is that:

1. (Professional) Manicures don’t last very long. 4 0r 5 days later the paint starts to chip.

2. Natural nails are so fragile! They chip & break which is SO annoying.

So how could I solve this problem? I hate the look of long acrylic nails, not to mention they get in the way and when you hit them it hurts terribly.

After going to the nail shop, I decided to get a gel overlay and I am VERY pleased. Basically, I have the length of my natural nails with a super thick coating on top. I didn’t get color this last time, I decided to go with an American manicure (french minus the white tips). But my manicure:

1. Will last at least two weeks (great for a busy lady like me).

2. Looks perfect & professional all the time (I love the high gloss & the perfect shape).

3. Looks natural (be sure to tell your nail tech, you want yours to look natural so that she can file/buff/drill them down).

4. Stands up to abuse! (washing dishes, playing games, working out, etc).

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