Smelling The Flowers…

My SO (significant other) did the sweetest thing yesterday. He told each person in the family they can have a gift of their choice & we’d go out and get it that day. My choice was hard! I’ve been wanting a new pot set, but I’ve also been wanting a grill (since Spring). So I decided on the grill. We went out and got it, and SO put it together, and we fired that baby up.

Cooking on a gas grill is SO MUCH BETTER than cooking with charcoals! Minus the anxiety of hooking up the propane tank, it’s like cooking on an in house stove (it even has an automatic little igniter – so no messy lighter fluid or matches). The gas grill cooks all of the meat evenly, and you can control the heat. Mines has 4 burners, and each has it’s own individual little knob. There is also a side burner, but that wouldn’t come on today (I really didn’t try that hard to get it on).

We’re about 2 1/2 weeks away from Professional Development. Our first week back is always nutso! Meeting after meeting. Copying and all that jazz. Everyone is trying to get ready for the school year… During the last week of August we go from Tuesday – Thursday. We’re off for the weekend.

I have been doing lots more scrapbooking as planned. I ordered some clear acrylic scrapbook albums. I plan to leave those on the coffee/side table once finished. They make GREAT conversation pieces.

This summer, I’m truly smelling the flowers and it feels good!

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