Project Organization: Countertop Action File

I’m officially on summer vacation now and I’ve had this urge to purge, clean & organize. I get so busy during the school year that I put off many projects until summer (especially those related to home improvement).

One of my favorite blogs is Simplify 101: She recommends creating a countertop “Action File” in an area shared by the family (ideally the kitchen). Here is Aby’s Action File:

Here is my countertop Action File so far:

So far my action file includes: Post-It Notes (I’m addicted!), a notepad (for grocery shopping lists), blank envelopes, pens, scissors, a stapler, a lighter (for my candles, no smoking in my house!).

I still need to:

-Add a folder for each person in the family. For each family member add a file folder for permission slips, travel documents, etc.

– Add the Family Binder (next post will give you a detailed “How To” on creating one of these)

I’ve added our iCal print-out to the refrigerator. Changes will be written directly on the calendar. I’m thinking about adding next month the other door.  It’s color coded:

We had a problem with losing keys, so now each person has his/her own hook. The calendar above the key hooks is the free school calendar (it has all of the days off, parent-teacher conference schedule, etc.).

So those are my adventures in organizing this past weekend.

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  1. working on this next week!!!

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