Why I Left AT&T & Got Rid Of My iPhone

Apple probably owes me a check. I’ve converted at least 10 people to Mac & about 5 to iPhone. I’ve never spoken an ill word about Apple products because since I converted in 2002, I’ve been pretty happy. So why did I become the owner of a LG NV Touch yesterday with a new cell phone carrier?

THE BACKSTORY: For the last 6 – 7 months I’ve had to argue with AT& T about weird fees and charges. My bill should be about $275/month (for two iPhones – unlimited everything) but my bill is usually $500 and the most expensive was over $900. Every month someone gets cursed out, every month over $200 has to be credited & every month I threaten “if I have ANY problems NEXT month, I’m DONE with AT&T.” So this month, they didn’t even wait until the next month to overcharge me, less than 24 hours my bill went up an extra $300. At that point, I was done.

iPhone Disadvantages

The AT & T monopoly. Monopolies are never good right? I learned that in Econ 101. The data plan is $50/month for unlimited and new users can’t even purchase an unlimited data plan. AT&T knows that those with iPhones can’t go anywhere else (jailbreaking the phone doesn’t count lol) and they act like it. Perhaps things will be better when other carriers offer the iPhone?

Battery life is horrible. I will not miss being cut off in the middle of nowhere because my battery died, nor will I miss plugging the iPhone up in my car to try to keep it at least halfway charged. This was always my biggest complaint and warning for iPhone users.

New phone comes out every year. Apple has figured out the equation. Release a new phone every year and people (in droves) will buy. Even if there is nothing wrong with the previous version. Rather than making a good solid phone (like they do computers) they leave off certain features and slowly but surely add the ones people want (although proof exists that they could put similar features in earlier models). A great example of this is the Regular iPhone and the one that immediately followed 3Gs. They could’ve offered video on the previous version but chose not to do so. Tisk, tisk!

iPhone Advantages

– Full Sync – As a Mac owner, MobileMe was very useful. My computer, phone and “the cloud” were always in tune. Some lovely soul wrote a free program to get the Verizon LG NV Touch to Sync with contacts and calendars on Mac (my two most important Apps) so I’m grateful for that but it doesn’t look as cool as it did on the iPhone and the Sync has to happen manually at least once per day.

GPS – was definitely my most used App. I loved being able to look up the nearest businesses and I never got lost. It also worked as a Yellow/White Pages and that was great!

Specific Apps – How I got to 38 downloaded Apps, I’ll never know, but my most used Apps – Twitter, Facebook & Evernote will be sorely missed. Like my SO (Significant other) said, I didn’t use most of those apps but it’s kind of like an air bag, no one plans on having an accident but when you do, you’re glad it’s there.

The Transition

I do love the full keyboard. I actually enjoy texting now and it’s so cool.

– Customization is nice. I could change the picture on my external & internal screen, change the fonts and do all kinds of cool unique things. I couldn’t even do that on my iPhone, so I’m pretty excited about that.

– Service worked in areas my iPhone would never work which is cool & the battery life is amazing. It’s almost 24 hours later and I’m still 50% charged.

– For the GPS I may just purchase a portable navigator (a Tom Tom or something) because I used that almost daily!

– I was going to buy an iPad (64 gigger) but started thinking about it (they gave me a week and a half to think about it because you can’t just buy one outright) and it made more sense to get a new Mac laptop. Plus I don’t want to “eff” with AT&T and their data plan in any aspect. I’m always near wifi so I can use my laptop at home or one of the 1 million places that has it for free. It’s time to replace the laptop anyway. This whole “list” thing really rubbed me the wrong way. Makes Apple look like they’re being exclusive/elitist and I don’t like that. It’s funny because had they had it available then, i would’ve walked out of the store that day with one, but by the time my name came up on “the list,” I had already had buyer’s remorse.

Do I really need to keep my social networks updated every 30 minutes lmao? My iPhone was responsible for lots of non-productivity. It efficiently made me less efficient lol.

Ultimately this is about principles. AT & T will not get any more of my money. Period. It’s also about simplifying. I can’t front, this process has been interesting. Less painful than I initially anticipated and it does feel liberating to say, I don’t need that. I have other financial priorities and patterns and I’m happy to be able to start addressing this tech addiction that I have.

Next post will be about my new organization “system” now that I have to work around the iPhone (which works great as an iPod touch now lol).

2 thoughts on “Why I Left AT&T & Got Rid Of My iPhone

  1. Thanks for the warning, DonnieB! I’ll need a new phone once I’m back in the US in August, and I’ve been doing research re: options (and there are so many now, aren’t there?). The more I read and hear, the less appealing AT&T sounds. I love my iTouch, but I don’t think I want to deal with AT&T. Rather than pay for termination charges (which are just absurdly high!), I think I’ll stick with Sprint and get the HTC Touch Pro 2. QWERTY keyboard FTW! lol

    1. Great idea Jenni! AT&T is not work it, especially since they aren’t offering unlimited data options. Plus within a year you’ll be “behind” in terms of the technology anyway. I’m with Verizon now and so far so good. Can’t wait to get you back stateside lol!

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