Organization System

NOT PICTURED: Macbook & iPhone (now iPod touch)

Calendar – I use a color coded iCalendar for all of my events. This used to Sync with my iPhone, now it syncs with my LG NV Touch. The colors don’t show up on my new phone though, so I’ll most likely print out a hard copy of the calendar OR use my computer to check & deal with my calendar.

Mini Purple Accordion File – All receipts, stamps, blank envelopes go in here. This is my “current projects” file. It’s pretty big. I’d like to find one that isn’t as thick but that is still the same size.

Small Black Moleskin -Daily To do lists, log-in & ideas go here. Small enough to fit in my purse.

Large Clipboard/portfolio/notebook – This doesn’t go everywhere with me. This is where I also write about current projects/make plans and keep notes. It’s a combined clipboard (outside) and portfolio pad holder (inside).

Wallet – self explanatory lol? Although this winter one will be switched out for the summer Peacock joint.

Tomorrow will be my first day with this new system. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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