It’s Written All Over Your Face…

You don’t have to say a word… I was looking at some old pictures of myself (circa 2003 – 2008) and I quickly realized that unhappiness, frustration, repression and sadness manifest in your physical person. For me, it looked like acne, a complexion that was a bit off, lots of weight gain (to the tune of 20 – 30 pounds heavier than usual – just put it like this, I’m usually an 8/10 – I was in 12s, 13s & 14s!). I even started losing my hair! As my life spiraled out of control, I lost control of my appearance, I buried myself in work to avoid being at home and as long as I was working – I could numb the pain. That meant working 10 – 12 hour days every day.

In January of 2009, my life changed for the better – FOREVER! Not only did I meet the love of my life, but I also started to notice my skin clearing up, the weight melting off and I slowly started to recognize the “me” in the mirror that I thought was gone forever. I started getting regular compliments from people (“You look good girl”), dating inquiries and requests (“Is Donnie single?”) and my graceful and elegant posture that I was infamous for in High School returned. I attribute these positive physical changes not so much to my boobie (who certainly deserves some credit), but to God and to the power of the human spirit. I had to have the courage to let go of a bad marriage and a stressful work situation in order to be truly happy.

Every now and then I get a glimpse of a woman who is so buried in pain that you can see it in the permanent frown lines, hear it in the nasty tone of her voice and recognize the baggage around the mid-section that didn’t use to be there. Her eyes are hallow, she gazes intensely but not intimately and there is an emptiness in her voice.

Ladies, It’s never too late to release the stress. Don’t worry about what other people think or say, only think about yourself and your best interests and ultimately you will be free! Freedom & happiness not only feel good, but look good.

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