Thinking About Romance – 10 Ideas

Originally Posted: March 24, 2010

Spring is coming and I’ve had romance on the brain. There are so many ways to rekindle the flames that may have burned out, or fan the flames that are already burning hot. Here are 10 ideas to “light the fire.” None of these activities have to lead to intercourse, these are just a few ideas to add some intimacy to your relationship.

1.Take a bath or shower together. Rather than hopping in solo, invite your partner before you work or go run errands for the day. Wash each other.
2.Dinner or cuddling by candlelight. Wait until the sun goes down, turn off all the lights and light candles around the room. Sit in silence or just talk about anything.
3. Friendly competition. Especially if you get to play on the same team. Invite some friends over for Monopoly or another game.
4.Write a love note. Leave it somewhere in the house for your “boo” to discover.
5.Buy something that they like. If your sweetie always buys Starbucks or loves his Playstation, buy a gift certificate for them or pick up their favorite drink or the latest game.
6.Lay in bed a little longer. This works best on weekends or days off. Rather than hopping out of bed so quick, lay in bed for an hour or two & just relax.
7.Cook together. Even if you or your partner’s skills are subpar, cook and consume the meal together.
8.Impromptu or Formal Photo Shoot. Nothing is sweeter than taking & looking at images of you & your sweetie. Stop by a photo booth or take out your digital camera.
9.Go to an arcade/allow the inner child to come out. Go buy some Tennis Rackets or a Badminton Set and have fun.
10. Go out just to have dessert. Add a cherry on top of that Sunday or share a slice of pie. In fact, sharing food is very intimate/sweet.

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