Recovering Undercover Over-Lover

Originally Posted: March 30, 2010

Erykah Badu’s album “Return of the Ankh” dropped today and I love it. She has a 10 minute joint at the end with a crazy dope piano. She channels Nina Simone & Billie Holiday. The entire song speaks to me, but I wanted to share some of my favorite lines. It oozes love:

“…and I’d lie for you/ I cry for you/

& pop for you/ and break for you/

and hate for you/ & hate you too/

if you want me too…

I pray for you/crochet for you/

make it from scratch for you/

leave off the latch for you/ go to the store for you/

do it some more for you/do what you want me to/

guess I’m a fool for you…

I’m a recovering undercover over-lover/

recovering from a love I can’t get over…

I gotta do/ my love for you/

chop & screw for you/paint it red for you/

it’s true/ it’s true…”

This song oozes vulnerability and the fear and irrationality that is love. “Out my mind, just in time…”

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