If Only For One Night: Date Night

Collectively The Carters are worth $500 million! Both are incredibly busy running their own respective brands but together, they put the P in power. I was so excited when they got married (and I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of Baby Carter one day). The thing that I most admire about them is the time they invest in their relationship through date night.

Date Night is essential for the busy couple who has to maintain a family. You need the time to focus on each other without the ringing of the cell phone, the interjection of the kid(s) or the dinging of the stove (or dishwasher or washing machine). Occasionally you need the undivided attention of your significant other, the eyeball to eyeball contact, the unfiltered conversation. It serves as a check-point, a physical reminder that you’re still in it together.

Your date night can be on the same day each week. You can vary your activity or you can do the standard dinner. The Carters enjoy chilling courtside, partying it up at live music events and/or dinner.

If you’re starting to feel neglected, or your partner feels distant. If you’re buried under work responsibilities and feel overwhelmed. You owe it to your relationship to establish a date night, where literally, your partner becomes the center of your world for at least one hour each week.

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