Danger: The End Is Approaching

Originally Posted: February 9, 2010

Sister Erykah Badu had a tweet a few days ago, that made me start thinking about the warning signs of the end of a relationship. She said this:

@fatbellybella really hate when relationship get 2 this point: (Phone ring) A)peace B)where u at? A)at___ B)who there? A)me, __,__, B)yea aight (Clik)

We’ve all been there…that emptiness in the pit of our stomach, that blank stare, the slow (or sometimes fast) unraveling of a bond. You know that a relationship is about to end when:

  1. 1.You no longer want to be around the person and find yourself trying to stay at work late or leave for work early.
  2. 2.You bicker about small insignificant things all the time.
  3. 3.You find yourself fantasizing or dreaming about others.
  4. 4.You can imagine your life with a new partner and flirt excessively with others around you.
  5. 5.The emotional health of your partner is no longer a priority and you could care less. Tears no longer move you.
  6. 6.You’ve gotten so used to routine that the relationship is boring and unfulfilling.
  7. 7.You no longer trust the other person (especially if you have evidence of infidelity).
  8. 8.You have resentment.
  9. 9.The affection and romance disappears.
  10. 10.You no longer respect each other (perhaps you call each other out of your names, you yell at the top of your lungs, or you use physical or emotional violence).

What has been your experience with a relationship that was on its death bed? Next week, we’ll talk about how to make the decision on whether to salvage the relationship or just let it go.

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