27 Things Before 27 List

While most of my blog entries focus on the love of a partner or significant other, there is no love more important than love of self. The best way to show oneself love is to engage in activities that you enjoy and to grow and develop personally and professionally. Here is a list of things that I’d like to accomplish or do before I turn 27. As I meet my goals/desires, I will check them off and keep you updated.

  1. See a waterfall in person
  2. Get all scrapbook pages into matching albums.
  3. Travel once in the US & once out of the US.
  4. Visit the Sanrio store & purchase something pretty.
  5. Old school drive-in w/ the fam
  6. Lose “chunky monkey” fat
  7. Start writing for a major magazine or website
  8. Get cute summer clothes (needs lots of dresses)
  9. Take a scrapbooking class (Library of Memories?)
  10. Build business up to 1 client per week ($100.00 projects)
  11. Bake some rolls from scratch
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Learn how to make cheesecake
  14. Change last name back officially
  15. Purchase a nice handbag
  16. Start mentoring w/ Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  17. Create High School Senior Survival Pack (for download from the site)
  18. Continue decorating home (finish the dining room & the patio)
  19. Update blog weekly
  20. Read one book per month
  21. Go rollerskating
  22. Dye my hair (for the 1st time EVER)
  23. Create DJ database
  24. Attend a buddhist retreat/meditation session
  25. Get new eyeglasses
  26. Help Rhymefest’s “El Che” become the most successful project it can possibly be.
  27. Donate/volunteer at least once per season.

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