The Couple That Works Together… Stays Together

When you choose a partner, you have to make sure you have similar goals in life. According to, in 2003 there were 1.2 million businesses owned by husband and wife teams. The benefits of owning a business together include:

1. More time together. Highly ambitious people can get so wrapped up in their own individual agendas that the relationship gets moved to the back burner. Although tedious, owning a business together allows you to spend quality time together and while you’d normally be working on separate projects – mentally disconnected from each other, as business partners you can burn the midnight oil together.

2. Work out mutually agreed roles. Owning a business is one of the toughest experiences there is. If you go into business with your partner it allows you to experience him/her in another way thus deepening your relationship. A lot of your experiences working together will transfer into your relationship/marriage – making you better communicators and more efficient.

3. You will be more invested in the relationship and less likely to want to part ways. When you spend so much time building an empire, the last thing you want to do is tear it down. As business partners, your relationship will have another seal of protection and you’re much more likely to want to work through the rough times and not just give up.

4. Boredom or complacency will never be an issue. You will always want to brainstorm new ideas and you will always have to solve problems together. This will ensure that your relationship always remains fresh. You will never run out of things to talk about and you will always be engaged in a conversation that never ends.

Although you may not want to go into a full business partnership, you should consider starting a “side hustle” together, or another project or venture that you and your significant other can do. Speaking from experience, it will only strengthen your relationship.

One thought on “The Couple That Works Together… Stays Together

  1. The truth in the post are inspiring for me as me and my partner are in the process of building a business together. Thanks so much for highlighting the positive aspects of marriage and business 🙂

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