Uniform Albums – Library of Memories

This morning, I went to my favorite store Archiver’s.

These are the beautiful We R Memory Keepers Albums. They come in Italian Faux Leather, several colors and are recommended by professional scrapbookers (including Ali Edwards and Stacy Julian – see links for their fabulous sites).

Today I purchased 4 albums (3 in black and 1 in red) to organize all of my scrapbook pages. Before the albums, all 235 pages lived here:

Most of them were inside of page protectors from old Post Bound Albums.  I used to use Post Bound albums but hated them because it was hard to move pages around and they didn’t hold many pages. Post-Bound Albums are excellent for gifts but not for family heirlooms/family albums. Here is what the spine of a Post-Bound Album looks like:

So, I purchased my We R Memory Keepers Albums in 12 x12 D-Ring Size. D-Rings are binder albums that work because they hold a ton of pages and you can easily move pages around. The Italian Style Faux Leather albums are snag free, acid-free archival safe and they come in wonderful colors ( a total of 12).

The three black albums are divided into the following “volumes”:

Color – Black Volume 1 – 1984 – 2002 (My birth – graduation from High School) 75 pages

Color – Black Volume 2 – 2002 – 2006 (College including my experiences with my sorority Sigma Gamma Rho, Student Teaching & graduation!) 48 pages

Color – Black Volume 3 – 2006 – 2008 (My first job and first couple of years post college) 78 pages

Color – Red Volume 4 – 2009 – until (My 2nd teaching job, my new significant other & our new family) 34 pages so far. I changed the color to red because 2009 was a huge year of transition for me. This album will last throughout 2010 and into 2011.

Whenever I have a child, depending on whether it’s a girl or boy, I plan to use the same brand of albums but change the color to make a baby book. Pink for a girl, baby blue for a boy. I’ll also change the color from red to another color once another transition happens for me (perhaps when I turn 30, I’ll go to a new color to represent a new “season” of life).

Now it will be much easier to share my memories when people come over. I no longer have to pull out the box lol, and will be happy to share the albums. I still have to do something with the spines. I plan to do something like this:

This was one of my major goals of 2010, so I am happy to cross it off my list of 27 Things Before 27 List.  My scrapbooks are my most prized possession and here they are on the shelf:

3 thoughts on “Uniform Albums – Library of Memories

  1. Congrats on getting this done! I have the same albums in linen and I love them. You’ll be very happy with the D-ring too.

  2. Thanks Lea! I still want to take the Library of Memories Class but I’m going to wait until I get into a more permanent space. I’m always moving and I’d hate to customize my system and spend all that money only to change it all later. 😉

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