One Month Anniversary!

Today I am celebrating the one month anniversary of beginning a regular exercise routine. One month ago today, I decided to take control and add exercise to my daily/weekly routine and to eat a better diet. Pictured above is Mel B, who is one of my Fitness Inspirations. I chose her because we have a similar build (short with broad shoulders, hippy with small calves) and one day my body will look just as good. So what has created my success? Exercise is not an option. I don’t think about it. Every other day – come hell or high water, I drag my anus to the gym. Here are other things that have helped me stay focused:

(1) Pack the gym bag and put it in the trunk. On workout days (every other day), I pack my gym bag and throw it in the trunk. That way, when I get off work, all I have to do is go straight to the gym. I don’t have an excuse to go home or anywhere else.

(2) Join a gym that you like and commit to a short workout. Honestly, I don’t like working out. So when I found out about Curves, I was ecstatic. In order to see the results you want, you just have to commit to 3 days per week, and 30 minutes for each workout. 30 minutes? The classes I teach are 50 minutes. They weren’t asking me for too much. Plus it’s only for women and they are so positive. Who wouldn’t want to work out in a place where it says “I love myself” on the wall and the clock says “Time To Amaze Yourself.”

(3) Find a buddy. I have two friends who are on this new healthy journey with me. We check in with each other every few days and once a week we have committed to going to an exercise class together. This month we’re doing Pilates. It’s a lot harder to bail out when you’re a part of a team. Peer pressure is and always has been a great motivator.

(4) Reward yourself. I didn’t go all crazy and decide to change every aspect of my life that is unhealthy. I truly believe in baby steps and rewards. I don’t beat myself up over eating peach cobbler for three days in a row. Nor do I torture myself about my occasional indulgence in junk food. Starting next month, after I meet my one month goal, I’m going to reward myself with a new purchase – new workout clothes, new shoes, a trip to the spa. You get my drift.

Honestly, I feel better about my body. My clothes fit and I truly feel like I’m on my way to being healthy inside and out! I feel so much stronger, and my significant other REALLY likes the upgrades (flexibility, a tighter bum, stamina – you get my drift?).

Let’s raise those wheat grass shots in the air!

3 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary!

  1. OMG Donnie I love this! Believe it or not I’ve been struggling to jumpstart working out to ride myself of the post marriage pounds! This is quite the inspiration. I’m going to print this out and put it on my fridge:) Love you *Sharon*

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