Kick Ass Kicks Ass

Last year, I was introduced to comic books by my BFF Che who is an avid comic book reader. Kick Ass (and Black Panther) were the first two books that he started me on. Kick Ass, is about this 16-year-0ld High School Student who decides to become a superhero and fight crime. The only problem is, he is a regular human with no super powers. He buys a scuba diving suit and begins going around the city fighting crime. He gets his BUTT kicked, lies to a girl and tells her that he is gay and becomes her “gay” friend, and gets into trouble with some organized crime bosses.

The movie was the best movie I’ve seen in a while, and save for a few details, really “stuck to script.” The graphics were beautiful, the plot was wonderful and the acting was superb! My favorite character was Hit Girl! Storm may have to make room in my heart for her!

After each movie, my family always discusses the movie and we have a 5 star rating system. I haven’t rated any movie 5 stars in over two years. Kick Ass, gets a solid 5 star rating and even if you don’t like comic books, you’ll love this movie!

P.S. I think I have my Halloween Costume for 2010 and my secret fantasy job has always been to be a hired assassin (a la Mr. & Mrs. Smith style – shhhh, don’t tell anybody!)

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